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The Business Boost Kit is a highly effective set of resources to help get your mental game on point for a boost in business productivity, improved business performance, goal attainment and wealth consciousness.

Your Business Boost Kit Includes:

  • 2 Powerful Guided Hypnosis Audios:
    - Laser Focused Business Success
    - and Alignment with Wealth Generation
    ​($47 retail value)
  • 1 Guided Visualization Audio for Clarity and Goal Achievement
  • The “Outside the Box” Entrepreneur eBook
    ​(retail price $9.95)

Professional Athletes have Coaches... Celebrities have Coaches... Virtually all success minded individuals have a Coach to help them overcome challenges, perfect their mindset, and achieve more of their potential

Do you have a Coach? 

Alicia is a mindset expert and professional business coach. She has been interviewed by Forbes Magazine, Fox and ESPN Business Radio and many others for her work with entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Not your average business or life coach.  Each of us are unique. We have unique life experiences, unique points of view, unique challenges and unique desires. Often people who reach out to me have been struggling with an issue that is frustrating or even embarrassing. They are professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and overall well established individuals who have a few mindset (or emotion based) challenges that adversely affect their lives. My role as your coach is to guide you beyond the old mental/emotional patterns of thoughts-beliefs that you continue bumping up against. As a trained coach, hypnotherapist, energy worker and metaphysician I work with you at multiple levels of mind and spirit for a deeper (and more profound) transformational experience. This is a different type of experience than most of my clients have previously had ... yet one that each of them have stated is positively life changing. 

Schedule a  complimentary call  to assess whether Business / Mindset Coaching with Alicia is the right option for you.